Intersection of Food and Discovery

August 11, 2011


Discovery and food. Recently hit by inspiration like a cream pie in the face, it made me giggle and grin. Browsing the Patina Restaurant Group (PNG) website, I was thrilled to see a posting for Director of Marketing. <flashback> I remember my first introduction to fine dining in Los Angeles when we dined at Patina on Melrose. As a budding graphic designer at the time, I was inspired by the delicious combinations of taste, texture, color, and overall presentation of the meal. It changed my life. Destination dining became an extension of the design experience for me. To this day I love to enjoy a meal at a fine restaurant and learn from the chef’s design of food. PNG has aligned its brand with culture in Los Angeles and New York with locations at museums and theatrical centers. An important part of fully experiencing these venues is dining out – and Patina is there. I want to dedicate my life to restaurant marketing.

Food and discovery: Street Photography assignment at Art Center. <flashback> In Burbank, I was drawn to some large hand-lettered signs above Pipiripau Tacos. Taking only one photo, it wasn’t until the darkroom that I noticed the sweet young face looking back at me from the counter in contrast with the dark clothing surrounding her. I was the Ansel Adams of urban food trucks, creating a monumental photo out of a moment! (well, maybe just a lesser Lewis Hine, not Ansel himself) It’s hanging in my living room. I see it everyday.

But I saw it again tonight, as if for the first time, all over again. Earlier that morning I had met a new person who listened to my thoughts on restaurant marketing and encouraged me with some suggestions. I was standing next to the cream pie table even then and I didn’t even know it. Thwack! tee hee I wipe sweet cream custard of inspiration from my grinning face. I want to capture the dining experience on film, communicate the intersection of discovery and food. Why not?

Threepointspark: intersection of food and discovery.

Pipiripau Tacos, Burbank

Street Photography (Cami Hamilton, '97)


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