Pink’s through new eyes

August 18, 2011

When Los Angeles was experiencing a bit of a heat wave in January this year, we stopped for a dinner at Pink’s. Yes, that hot dog stand or according to their website, “Pink’s is probably the most famous hot dog stand in the country… certainly in Los Angeles! ”

“Paul Pink started his hot dog stand in 1939. It was only a large-wheeled pushcart in those days. The depression was on and money was scarce. Pink’s chili dogs, complete with a large warm bun, oversized hot dog, mustard, onions and thick chili sold for 10 cents each.” That’s historical for Los Angeles, land of drive-by architecture and disposable culture.

Since 1998 when I moved to Hollywood while at ACCD, I have never seen Pink’s hot dog stand open without a long line. Not once. No exaggeration. Day or night, especially night, people hover in long lines on the sidewalks in front of Pink’s for a chance to chow down on gourmet-like yet food truck-like hot dogs.

A friend of mine had never been, Southern California resident though he was. After a satisfying crawl through the stacks at Amoeba, we headed for Pink’s.


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