@ Patina Ray and Stark’s Bar installs Patina at LACMA

August 30, 2011

Recently a new gem has been added to the L.A. scene, taking full advantage of the great new flow of the BP Grand Entrance plaza at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Unlike the courtyard enclosed by the stately canyon-like walls of the Ahmanson and Hammer Buildings (LACMA “the elder”), the Grand Entrance connects the BCAM and Resnick Pavilion. Ray and Stark’s Bar finds its home here –Ray’s in an innovative, lean-to-like glass walled structure by Renzo Piano and Stark’s Bar flanking the plaza like an outdoor cafe. The pairing reflects the ingenuity of the Patina Restaurant Group and is named after late LACMA trustee and film producer Ray Stark. Recently, Zagat included Ray and Stark’s Bar among its Buzziest Openings for 2011. http://www.zagat.com/buzz/los-angeles-buzziest-openings-of-2011

Inside Ray (and Stark's Bar)

Head up the Nile of L.A. – Wilshire Boulevard – stop at the museum, and take advantage of a dining experience here. Chef Kris Morningstar offers a “bold Mediterranean farm-to-table menu based on seasonal, local ingredients.” What delighted me so in a recent visit was the inventiveness in combinations. For any meal that can teach me about foods, the entire experience becomes even more satisfying.

Although I am a member at LACMA and recall reading about the Ray and Stark’s Bar opening, it was Open Table which inspired my first visit. LACMA’s Pentimento (also a Patina location), closed for renovations, was not a choice when I had rsvp’ed for a member reception. I just prefer to park only once for dinner and evening plans, i.e., theatre, etc., so Ray’s for dinner just before sunset it was! What a treat!

LACMA has invested time in their programming and member recruitment with programs such as Muse (premier membership group for art enthusiasts in their 20s, 30s, and 40s), and Arts for NexGen (the nation’s only free youth membership program). With events, lectures, tours, and social connection opportunities in these programs, promoting fine dining as an artform seems a natural pairing. Where is the tasting menu evening for Muse members at Ray’s or the mixology event at Stark’s Bar before a film screening at the Bing Theatre? Where are the adventures in cuisine and the design of dining for youth? I was introduced to fine dining with a visit to Patina on Melrose by a friend. Patina has a fantastic opening to inspire these arts patrons by tapping into existing marketing mojo at LACMA – all it takes is the introduction.



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