Vino Closes and “Beer-Focused Ode” Opens

September 7, 2011

Perhaps it’s a little early to start thinking about drinking as I read the online news. There’s good news this morning with Jose Reyes leading the National League in batting, on the brink of setting a new Mets’ record. Sadly, the wildfires in Texas are still a threat and more people lose their lives. My attention turns to local news … that just happens to focus on wine and beer. Read on Grub Street:

Pane e Vino Enda Two Decade Stand on Beverly
By: Hadley Tomicki

20 years after branching out from Claudio Marchesan and Pietro Bernardi’s Montecito trattoria of the same name, Pane e Vino has closed in Beverly Hills. Eater reports that the restaurant, famed for its garden patio on Beverly Blvd., is finally submitting to that big, bad economy, having closed up shop following Saturday’s service, while we can only imagine the strain any Italian feels competing in Westside L.A. Though only distantly related by now, Pane e Vino’s Santa Barbara flagship and San Francisco depot are still in full swing, while an O.C. location closed last year.

Grub Street is a feature of Menu Pages (by metropolitan area) that offers the latest in food news. In addition to listing restaurant closings, thankfully the list of restaurant openings is a longer one.

Mid-August saw the Venice opening of “another drinking destination to this seaside city’s nightlife” with Larry’s. The promising seafood menu offers “no dish is over $15.”

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

“A beer-focused ode to artist Larry Bell from Mark and Erwin Sokol, owners of the Hotel Erwin, Larry’s was languishing behind a construction barrier for many months, until the recent insertion of restaurant professionals Carolos Tamazos and chef Brendan Collins of Waterloo and City, who recently partnered with the Sokols to see the project to completion.” And you might have guessed that all that name-dropping is going to keep me busy researching online all day.

Find them on Facebook, or Zagat or on 24 Windward Avenue, Venice, CA 90291



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