@diningwithdogs Dog-Friendly Dining Options

September 13, 2011

Walking down the street in Los Angeles (yes, it happens here, too), it is not uncommon to see outdoor dining patio-style in front of restaurants. A well-heeled dog, with leash tied to the perimeter by its owner, reminds you to tell a friend of yours who has a dog. That person should try this restaurant sometime – after all, this restaurant is “dog-friendly” and gets it.

Dining with Dogs has launched an online dining resource for dog owners, the inspiration of a true dog lover, Liz. Word of mouth marketing gets a boost from this streamlined site. With content highlighting dog-friendly restaurants throughout Southern California, New York City, Chicago, Arizona, and Florida – some major foodie metropolitan spots – diningwithdogs.com is poised to take off into more robust dog loving resources. The pairing of dogs and restaurants requires mobility, so follow the site on Twitter, on Facebook.

Hungry for a chance to show off your four-legged friend? The site features a dog of the day page where fans can submit a photo of their favorite pooch. A search feature and a Good Eating section offer greater versatility. Congrats to Liz on a great site!



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