@GrubStreetLA Ruth Reichl and LA Chefs at Mozza Celebrating Gilt Taste

September 26, 2011

Grub Street News:

Ruth Reichl Holds Court at Mozza http://shar.es/HLe3Y

[September 23, 2011] Last night Ray Romano supped in Mozza’s dining room with three other gents. Yeah, kinda cool. But back in the private dining room, the people we look up to as mega-stars held court. Sitting alongside Nancy Silverton, Ruth Reichl hoisted a glass to the room to celebrate Gilt Taste. Recalling a decade when L.A. was the most vital city for chefs and restaurants (as well as an ensuing nadir), Reichl thanked present mega-talents and table-mates like Joachim Splichal, Russ Parsons, Ludo Lefebvre, Jonathan Gold, Michael Cimarusti, Merrill Shindler, the Hatfield clan, David Myers, Evan Kleiman, Mary Sue Milliken, and Jon Shook for again bringing L.A. to an acme of culinary magnificence. Basically, if Mozza had gone down in an earthquake last night, there’d be one helluva void to fill in the local food world today.

By: Hadley Tomicki


Gilt Taste is an online market giving you direct access to artisan products and ingredients, many of which have only been available to professional chefs until now.



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