QR Codes Help Farmers’ Market Vendors Market Themselves

September 28, 2011

Today, I enjoyed my first Cajun Bratwurst at Torrance Farmers’ Market thanks to Best of the Wurst http://www.best-of-the-wurst.com/. It was juicy and spicy and sweet and absolutely delicious. With a tangy deli mustard streuseled on top, the bratwurst was the best! How can I share this? How can I find out more?

The vendor smiled warmly and apologetically, as he didn’t have business cards. With a wave of his hand, he pointed to the tent over his stand which featured his website (complete with hyphens). There I stood with sausage and soft drink in hand, without a pen and knew that after shopping for produce I would forget it. Darn! And it struck me: why not QR? QR codes are free, immediate and provide an online connection as opt-in marketing. If the world is unconnected and I can do something to solve this, it remains unconnected only because I do nothing.

Starting with a website to land on (which could contain a video, a blog, an online form, a Yelp review, or a website landing page), I knew that several of my favorite Farmers’ Market vendors could really benefit from QR codes!

After I collected some website data (and heirloom tomatoes and onions), I headed out from Wilson Park for my computer, where I started changing this situation. Once I downloaded the codes, I created a simple flyer (saved to pdf) which vendors can print and post at their discretion. QR codes need not be restricted to corporate campaigns, big-money marketing events – they work by connecting people simply doing business. And yes, I could be more entrepreneurial and sell my services, but my bigger goal is making everyone more marketing savvy which then helps everyone including marketeers like myself. It starts with a choice to take action.

So, go enjoy the following vendors at Torrance Farmers’ Market or support the Farmers’ Markets near you:





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