@beardfoundation My ideal cheese plate as world tour of tastes #JBFcheese

October 25, 2011

My ideal cheese plate must offer an escape and learning experience, all with a sense of adventure. On my plate you might find cheese from many continents, many regions. Caravane (camel milk cheese from Mauritania, Africa), Ismil Cheese (from South Korea, Asia) and Paski sir (hard sharp cheese from the Island of Peg, Croatia) and Brynza (crumbly salty cheese like feta from Russia) from Europe. Oka (soft creamy trappist cheese from Quebec, Canada), Evandale cheese (winner of Supreme Champion Award in New Zealand), and Panquehue (a peppery semi-soft cheese from Chile, South America) would also be featured. An appearance of Hokkaldo from Japan, Xaintray from France or Manchego from Spain would be most welcomed.

In celebration (or perhaps observation) of National Cheese Month in October, the James Beard Foundation is holding a contest for a chance to win an exquisite Lenox Cheese and Cracker set. Post your ideal cheese plate to his blog, on his Facebook page, or on Twitter by the end of the day on Tuesday, Oct 25. Winners will be chosen by random.

Note: Announced on October 24, the contest deadline is October 25 to submit entry to win a Lenox Cheese and Cracker set.

With National Cheese Month, are you up on all your cheese lingo? “Fromology” cheese making, “Turophile” lover or fancier of cheese, “Confrerie des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage” an exclusive group of cheese enthusiasts in France active since the Middle Ages (I’m not making this up), “artisanal” cheese either made on farms from milk produced there or more loosely cheese produced in small volumes and of unique individual characteristics. In honor of National Cheese Month and the late James Beard’s contributions as the dean of American cookery, I’m watching Pixar’s Ratatouille!

Enjoy the James Beard Foundation blog http://blog.jamesbeard.org/

Enjoy Sara Dickerman’s great article: “Good Cheeses Come in Small Packages”

And if I win the Lenox set – cheese tasting soiree chez moi!


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