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October 28, 2011

Driving to LACMA, I spied parked along Wilshire Boulevard the herd/colony/battery of Miracle Mile Food Trucks waiting for hungry lunch crowds.

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These mobile gourmet chefs bring food to where the mouths are vs. owning a brick and mortar dining establishment or a tiny wagon and bbq grill. Cloudy days pose a problem as office workers are less willing risk the elements and sales go down. Street permits are required and some areas have higher restrictions or prohibit truck parking. These chuck wagons do not circle – they must park and have space along the curb. One determined truck owner arriving late to the scene meticulously fit his truck in a space between a car and another truck that offered almost no allowance for error. Who said Angelinos can’t park?!

You can follow a truck’s whereabouts or plans for the day on Twitter, Facebook, their website (if they have one), or as one happy lady put it, “my neighbor follows this stuff online and she tells me which trucks will be where, so I go!” I’ll be your tin can on a string here and give you links at the end of this article to find out more. Bon Appetit!

King Maaele says, “Hey this has been such a blessed experience sharing our food idea’s with family friends and local food chasers.” His island inspired cuisine is a nice compliment to his warm smile and laugh which all brighten your day.
Try him on Facebook kings corner on wheels or 310/483-8828. The website isn’t live quite yet.

@Suratruck for “Corean Rice Bowls”
“Rice bowls and more!!!”

They can perform some amazing spice magic with tofu or beef, chicken, pork, or yes, spam. Bowl (very generous) or Cup servings are suited to fit all appetites. I loved the tofu with spicy chili sauce!

“Crepe de Ville brings the sidewalks of Paris to the streets of L.A.” Ideal for savory crepes or sweet desert ones. Seeing Nutella ready to spread at this open-air mobile kitchen had me thinking of skipping lunch in favor of a whipped cream topped Parisian delight. Bavardez un peu avec ces chefs du crepes.


“Lidia’s Dominican Kitchen Delicious Home Cooked Dominican Food, just like Abuela used to make. The Best In Los Angeles!” The branding alone whets your appetite! “The cuisine of the Dominican Republic (D.R.) reflects its melting pot roots of Taino, European and African cultures with later additions from … (check out the website by
Facebook: Lidia’s Dominican Kitchen

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“Specializing in simple yet tasty Japanese-American cuisine!”

Facebook: Kiyoko’s Teriyaki

New York Galbi
Korean BBQ Tacos & Burritos

A cute logo and memorable business card are a good start on brand. Facebook page is just short of a stake stuck in the ground and the web is still in the planning stages. Stop by this popular truck and say howdy to John Kim.

“Vietnamese home cooking on the go” “We are a Phamily owned and operated business focused on bringing Vietnamese cuisine to your hood via our food truck such as Pho, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls & more!”
Next on my list to try.

“Serving falafel and love. But mostly falafel. We are here to bring you a wonderfully new, and diverse twist to traditional Falafels!”
Facebook: Yalla Truck
Freshest ingredients and healthy ethnic food make for a really satisfying lunch (or dinner) anytime!

And some links:


“Providing you with the most current and up to date information on locations of gourmet food trucks in and around the South Bay area.”
The site says it best: “You hungry for that food truck grub? Of course you are. Well, is the easiest way to figure out where your favorite trucks are.”

“Following the Twitter Feeds of Los Angeles’ Rolling Food Truck Gourmets!”

A Team of Gourmet Food Trucks that roll together in a group. We just might drop in on your town and serve up the best food found anywhere.

Weekly Gourmet Food Truck Lots in O.C. and L.A. (WhitneyHS, CharterOakHS, CanyonHS, LaHabraHS, LoaraHS, TroyHS, CerritosHS, LaMiradaHS)


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