@Patina Win Two Tickets to Patina’s Oysters, Pig, and Pinot After-Party

October 31, 2011

Grub Street editors want to be tickled by your opinion and are offering tickets for Patina’s 22nd anniversary dinner after party if you can convince them in 60 words or less: of oysters, pinot, or pig, which is the most kick-ass?

From Grub Street:

Win Two Tickets to Patina’s Oysters, Pig, and Pinot After-Party.

“Lest we get wrapped in digital toilet paper, we’re offering a treat to our readers. We’re giving away two tickets to one reader to attend next Wednesday’s “Oysters, Pigs, and Pinot” at Patina, the after-party following the restaurant’s 22nd anniversary dinner where alumni chefs like Walter Manzke and Octavio Becerra will join Joachim Splichal (who’s making a potato chip sandwich with scallops and caviar for the occasion) and Tony Esnault in the kitchen. The party will find guests mingling with all the guest chefs, while digging into some brine, swine, and vine. How do you win the tickets?

“To enter the contest for the pair of tickets (each valued at $30), simply offer us a humorous reflection in 60 words or less that offers your opinion on which one of the three included ingredients (oysters, pinot, or pig) is the most kick-ass. Our hard-working Grub Street editors, who will together pick the winner, want to laugh here folks, so please make them funny, using all the creative comedic power you can muster.

Send all entries to the care of Grub Street Los Angeles over email <losangeles@grubstreet.com> by 5:00 P.M. on Tuesday, November 1st. (SHAME ON NY MAGAZINE EDITORS FOR MAKING A CALENDAR DATE AN ORDINAL NUMBER – FAUX PAS!) Our cabal of editors will hold a loya jirga (a meeting) the next day to decide which entry we like the most, and the winner shall be known by all the next day. Then presto-change-o, that winner will find themselves the winner of two tickets to the Patina event, just like that. See New York Magazine’s official contest rules here and best of luck to all who dare to enter.”

Good Luck!


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