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November 1, 2011

Chinese Food Week – Eater’s exploration of “Chinese food” in Los Angeles: see website for interviews, maps, guides, tips, and secrets from some of this city’s known and unknown gems.


Several of Eater’s very favorite non-Chinese restaurants are offering special menu items for a limited time only, made just for Chinese Food Week. Did Sun Tzu ever write on the Art of Food War – the definitive work on restaurant marketing strategy and business operations? This “ode to Chinese food” lacks some respect to venerable established and great Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles. Mànmàn chī!

1850 Industrial Street at Mateo Street
Confit Duck Spring Roll, $9, served at dinner (except for Sunday night).

Peruvian cantina 9575 west pico blvd., L.A. with tons of love
Alpaca Spring Rolls with Pineapple Aji Amarillo Dipping Sauce, $13, served at dinner.

Tinga-licious on 142 South La Brea L.A., (Jonathan Gold-stamped, broken web links and no social media mojo and food truck in the planning stages)
JuanTon (short rib with five spice and Chinese mustard, rice, mushrooms, pickled red cabbage, green cabbage, cilantro, bean sprouts, Thai chili, and special sauce in a burrito) with “salsa” on the side, $12.50, served at lunch and dinner (takes 15 minutes to make).

Sunset Blvd. next to Whiskeyagogo
Chow Dog Roll (noodles, cabbage, egg, hot dog, and soy sauce rolled and fried), $5.95, served all day, this week only.


10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Century City, (across from Westfield Mall), Chef Angelo Sosa
Black Bean and Garlic Rice Bowl, $13.99, served at lunch and dinner.
Open Table reservations


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