@NewYorker Ask Author Live Mon Nov 14 3PM EST Adam Gopnik chats up Thanksgiving

November 14, 2011

Exploring our relationship with food through writing, the latest New Yorker anthology “Meals Worth the Trip” is served up with an introduction by writer Mark Singer: “Whatever we think of food, we engage our memories; it’s no accident that longing is a theme shared by many of the pieces here.” Sign up for a free trial to New Yorker:


Pieces in “Meals Worth the Trip” issue include writings and explorations by Adam Gopnik (power of the pastry chef), M.F.K. Fisher (geography of cravings), Nora Ephron (West Coast pastrami on rye), Jane Kramer (Thanksgiving without borders), John Kenney (rules for fine dining), and Bill Buford (the quest for the perfect bean – chocolate, of course).

On Monday, November 14, there is an online chat opportunity with author Adam Gopnik who “will answer readers’ questions in a live chat. Sign up for an e-mail reminder below, and come back at three to join the discussion.” In the November 14 “Food Issue”* of the New Yorker (regular issue, not an anthology), Mr. Gopnik contributes to Comment with his musings about Thanksgiving and the history of the turkey.

To connect online:

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/ask/2011/11/adam-gopnik-thanksgiving.html#ixzz1dh1rsSuP

*The Food Issue (November 14, 2011) includes:

Jane Kramer on foraging.
James Surowiecki on the education bubble.
Calvin Trillin on Nova Scotia cooking.
Thomas Mallon on alternative history.
Kelefa Sanneh on coffee.
Anthony Lane on “The Artist” and “The Descendants.”

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/magazine#ixzz1dh22ODJo

Cheers! This is cause to give thanks for good writing easily accessible online!


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