Food Truck Fleet Nov 17 @MeSoHungryTruck @unclelausbbq @stackersfoodtrk @earlezgrille @TNBBBQ2

November 20, 2011

Spotted at Ocean Park and 31st in Santa Monica, across from Art Institute of California @Art_Institutes

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Mighty Boba Truck
“Shaken, not stirred. The Mighty Boba Truck serves tasty Taiwanese American main dishes, known as Mighty Heroes, Popcorn Chicken, and sidekicks such as Sweet Butter Toast, Boba Milk Tea, and many more!” Special requests (less sugar/milk, etc) are welcome; if we can do it, we’ll do it. And just like our food selection, we introduce new Flavor of the Month to stimulate different taste buds.”
Good truck location calendar, memorable and colorful cartoon graphics. Who can resist a slice of determined ninja buttered toast?
Social Media superstars: Facebook, Twitter, QR codes, Yelp, blog


“We’re a couple of friends who love eating big. We have a 3 lb challenge burger for the brave come out & hang with us.” We met Robert first at Narbonne HS for DinDinaGoGo. Say “hi” when you get a chance – he’s a hardworking member foodtruck fleet and very responsive to his customers’ requests.
See Facebook, Twitter and the website for location updates.

Earlez Wieners

“Earlez Grille is the best grilled hot dogs in Los Angeles for over 25 years, now serving great food from the Weiner Truck.” Great range of options. Great use of truck and store to meet hungry hot dog eaters’ needs. Worth the trip to Exposition Park.
Online calendar needs updating.

“Bold fusion of international flavors that pack a monster-sized punch. Mixing fresh seasonal ingredients with daring sauces. Make sure and try the Duke.”

“MeSoHungry was created by a master chef and group of hardcore “foodies” to deliver quality gourmet street food to the masses without the gourmet price.”
Great calendar posted on website, good branding.

Uncle Lau’s BBQ

Great engaging content, featuring photos and introduction to featured dishes!
“From the islands of Oahu and Maui, Uncle Lau brings to Southern California a little bit of Hawaii. With over 40 years of creating homemade recipes in our little shack, we bring to you our smoked pulled pork sandwich. Capturing the taste of the shrimp trucks on Oahu, our Shrimp Scampi recipe will have you coming back for more.”
Keep up with truck schedule on Facebook or Twitter


TNBBBQ – what does it stand for?
“The Best Korean Taco Truck” Korea meets Mexico on a plate
Truck location calendar dates to 2010 – attention is needed
Doesn’t exist on Facebook despite the website incorporation of the Facebook icon. There are stools set up in front of the truck to accommodate customers – bonus points for creating atmosphere.


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