Food Truck Fleet @AtomicEats Get a taste of @CrazyCreoleCafe @MachoNachoTruck @RanchoaGoGo @GlobalSoulTruck @ShortRibBBQ

November 23, 2011

Food Truck fleet was sighted at PCH and 2nd in Long Beach, “poolside” at Sea Port Marina Hotel. Atomic Eats @AtomicEasts navigates weekly gourmet food truck events in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Max is a dedicated coordinating force who dials in truck owners, sensitive to not booking competing vendors (e.g., not having two dessert trucks at one event) and puts on a satisfying event. He won’t steer you wrong and his crew works hard. (This post is dated 11-19-11 and if I heard about truck landings early I could promote them.)


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“The Crazy Creole Café catering truck, where the café rolls to you. Enjoy our unique food, straight from the heart and soul of New Orleans.” When you think of the French cuisine connection between Creole and Cajun, please know the connection stops there. Look at the roux for example, a staple in the preparation of a good gumbo; Creole chefs use butter and flour (influenced by the French and Spanish origins) whereas Cajun (or Acadians) combine lard or oil with flour. City cooking with access to local markets and having a dedicated kitchen staff in Creole fare versus country cooking in Cajun tradition which drew from seasonal local crops cooked in 1 large pot. Give Guy (“ghee”) a big wink and smile next time you see him and ask how those deep fried turkeys are doing. Now that’s real American fare worthy of a Thanksgiving feast! Laissez les bon temps roulez. Branding is evolving. Your social media feedback is welcome for requests. This gourmet fare travels well and is ideal for catering.


Set aside all your expectations about nachos – you’ll find a delicious revolving menu featuring everything from gourmet cheeses, carnitas, to dessert nachos and more. Manuel wants to hear from you. Do send feedback about what nacho combos you crave – you just might find it making a more regular menu appearance. They are evolving in their social media savvy each day (disorganized signage, outdated QR codes and various city permits).


Who can resist real, authentic, low and slow BBQ? The website has a detailed and regularly updated calendar to guard against random truck sightings. They want to whet your appetite and your loyalty and offer tailgate and bbq party packs, too.


“Global Soul is food for the soul, it’s comforting and full of flavors inspired from eats found all over the world.” The menu reflects a global vision for comfort food with plenty of options each day.



“ShortRibBBQ started 3 years ago with an idea: bring a unique, delicious, dining experience, on the go. This truck is something to experience.” The communications on Twitter and Facebook are outdated but they understand the need for getting the word out to hungry customers.



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