@eatingrules – spot sugar by any other name – great post to share!

March 19, 2012

I am being challenged by sugar. Although I want to forgo it, it is omnipresent. How do I decipher the language that labels the food I eat so I can make smarter sugar-free choices?

Blogger Andrew Wilder (http://www.eatingrules.com/) offers some consistently great insights on his blog so I tune in. One recent post about sugar caught my eye after he returned from the Natural Products Expo West, where Andrew observed,

“in my humble opinion, about 90% of the products at the show range from neutral to downright bad for you. I’d even argue that many of them aren’t anywhere close to “natural.” In other words, there’s a lot of healthwashing going on.
“That’s not to say there aren’t fantastic companies at the show, too — there are! And if just 10% of the products at the show are indeed healthful, and are from companies that truly “walk the talk,” then there are a heck of a lot of great products out there. Indeed, I now have a huge stack of business cards from companies making truly healthful products that I’m genuinely excited about.
“The main frustration I had at the show was that it seemed like sugar was in everything….”

Click here to read the entire article:


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