Health Risks with Mom’s Tamales

December 27, 2012

I must have gone on a bad day for the staff but SO MANY things are wrong I removed this restaurant from my blog! AVOID MOM’s TAMALES and tell your friends to not put their health at risk.

Frozen vs. precooked tamales are $18 cash (instead of $20). No big savings there. The cost of making this failure right – DOUBLE.

I placed a phone order the day before and when I went to pick them up at the time they said the order would be ready, I had to wait 25 minutes while they assembled my order. Really? Calling ahead wasn’t enough advanced noticed? No instructions came with the tamales. If I had not reviewed the website I would not know that they took more than an hour to steam.

Tamales are handed to you in a plastic bag each wrapped in foil. You cannot microwave steam them, since the foil is not just wrapped on the outside but TUCKED into the corn husks. YOU CANNOT remove the foil before steaming. Each handmade tamale I have ever had came in a waxed/parchment paper which freezes and microwaves easily. The tamales were less than 4 inches long, open on one end and NOT completely wrapped in corn husks. They are not plump and tasty, they are skinny and look unprepared. Runts. My tamales were all runts. When you steam these tamales IF you are able to not break a nail pealing foil off, the MEAT AND SAUCE oozes out, IS MINGLED WITH FOIL and ends up coating the inside of your steamer.

I ordered three of 4 different kinds. The Sweet tamales with pineapple disintegrated into pulp – inedible PULP. The cheese with spinach spewed cheesy goo all over the inside of my steamer. The chicken mole were tasty but not plump. The beef were average.

I was so frustrated and disgusted that I went to In and Out and count myself lucky that I had real food to eat.

Perhaps the dine in experience is better.

The health department will be hearing from me about their take-out, to go food preparation! I am truly sorry I suggested it on my blog. RUN FAR AWAY!


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