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Thanksgiving 2012

November 15, 2012

Don’t let the deadlines, headlines or stress mess with your gratitude. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s some Thanksgiving recipes and treats to inspire you! Please feel free to repost and share…just let me know what time dinner is served and I’ll be there!

Try a New Orleans Thanksgiving. Last year Chef Guy DuPlantier III of Crazy Creole made ours magical with an All-American Creole Thanksgiving meal – gumbo, jambalaya, bread pudding, ettouffe. Ain’t nothing but goodness!


Thinking about your Thanksgiving meal? Let the L.A. Food Bloggers group help you! We have tons of great ideas and recipes!


Bitten Word offers that it’s time to start planning your menu in earnest.


Fearless Art of Food for Pleasure #cookforJulia @TheAcademy

August 13, 2012

It is with absolutely no intended disrespect that I confess that my childhood impression of legendary Julia Child was that she…was a female impersonator; a male comic in pearls wielding a knife. My respect for her since then has dwarfed such a foolish notion. I have learned much from her remarkable gift for making cooking pleasurable and validating the fact that loving good food requires no pedigree or certification. I see Child as an inspiration for Pixar’s Ratatouille (2007). Think back where restaurant critic Anton Ego concludes: ” I have made no secret of my disdain for Chef Gusteau’s famous motto, “Anyone can cook.” But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere*.” @PixarTalk Was it Julia Child who launched the modern foodie movement with her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” cookbook and television show? Learning that August 7-15 was dubbed Julia Child Restaurant Week (by Knopf her publisher, of course) set me scrambling to celebrate.

This year marks her would-be 100th birthday (she passed in 2004). What better place to raise a glass to Julia Child’s contribution to foodies the world over than near her Pasadena upbringing, in Los Angeles. Okay, it’s a stretch but you want to hear why.
Los Angeles offers the experience of TAIX French Restaurant, where a special prix fixe menu features a Julia Child inspired meal. Savor your choice of signature dishes prepared a la Child: sole meuniere, boeuf bourguignon, or coq au vin. Your meal also includes an amuse-bouche, a salad or soup (TAIX vegetable soup is legendary), french bread (don’t expect sourdough), and a dessert of floating island. Order a glass of your favorite red wine and enjoy.

TAIX vegetable soup

TAIX vegetable soup

TAIX opened in 1927 and relocated to its current location in 1962. Before you start out for 1911 W.Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90026, note that you’ll be looking for the Glendale Blvd, Sunset Blvd. and Reservoir Street intersection in Echo Park region. Valet parking and atmosphere await you. The Julia Child menu is offered as a special only through August 15. TAIX is celebrating a milestone of their own, 85 years in business, and the roast chicken dinner is $10 but only Sunday through Friday until August 31. Make a reservation using @OpenTable and ask for Bernard.

“The French Chef” – PBS television series which created my first impression of this tall, jolly, alto-voiced chef – is available for viewing online at @PBSFood A reconstruction of her home kitchen which doubled as the actual tv show set is on display at the Smithsonian’s national Museum of American History. Although, according to the Wall Street Journal, it has been closed for renovations earlier this year, it will be open from August 15-September 3.

Meryl Streep channeled the bon vivant spirit of Julia Child in 2009 and won an Oscar for “Julie and Julia.” The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been hosting “Oscars Otdoors: Summer Film Series” this summer. By pairing food trucks (organized by @RoamingHunger) with with a outdoor picnic setting for weekend film screenings, the Academy has created a signature L.A. recipe for summer entertainment. The surprise addition and concluding film is “Julie and Julia” – not in keeping with Child’s 100th but in honor of fellow fearless creative femme, Nora Ephron. The film was adapted from the book of the same name where the author/blogger was inspired to fearlessly cook hr way through Child’s own cookbook. Fearlessness inspires art and this reason above all seems an ideal one to celebrate!
Bon Appetit!

Booksigning! Wed Nov 30 9:00-11:00 at Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica

November 30, 2011

Source: Grub Street:

Seven Chefs Signing Cart for a Cause Cookbook Tomorrow at Bar Pintxo

By Hadley Tomicki

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 A.M., the public is invited to meet seven city chefs, who will preview and sign the forthcoming Cart For a Cause Cookbook at Bar Pintxo, where Joe Miller will make tortilla Española and coffee for the crowd. Miller will be joined by The Cart for a Cause food truck, as well as by chefs Susan Feniger (of Border Grill), Akasha Richmond, Mark Gold of Eva, Larry Nicola of Nic’s, Oliverio chef Mirko Paderno, and Bebe Flynn of Miss Lily’s Trading Co. The cookbook collects signature recipes made on the truck, which has rolled through the city since 2010 with gather funds for St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels, by over 40 of its L.A. guest-chefs and can be purchased through St. Vincent’s website.

November 30, 9:00-11:00 A.M. at Bar Pintxo, 109 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica.

Food Truck Fleet @AtomicEats Get a taste of @CrazyCreoleCafe @MachoNachoTruck @RanchoaGoGo @GlobalSoulTruck @ShortRibBBQ

November 23, 2011

Food Truck fleet was sighted at PCH and 2nd in Long Beach, “poolside” at Sea Port Marina Hotel. Atomic Eats @AtomicEasts navigates weekly gourmet food truck events in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Max is a dedicated coordinating force who dials in truck owners, sensitive to not booking competing vendors (e.g., not having two dessert trucks at one event) and puts on a satisfying event. He won’t steer you wrong and his crew works hard. (This post is dated 11-19-11 and if I heard about truck landings early I could promote them.)


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“The Crazy Creole Café catering truck, where the café rolls to you. Enjoy our unique food, straight from the heart and soul of New Orleans.” When you think of the French cuisine connection between Creole and Cajun, please know the connection stops there. Look at the roux for example, a staple in the preparation of a good gumbo; Creole chefs use butter and flour (influenced by the French and Spanish origins) whereas Cajun (or Acadians) combine lard or oil with flour. City cooking with access to local markets and having a dedicated kitchen staff in Creole fare versus country cooking in Cajun tradition which drew from seasonal local crops cooked in 1 large pot. Give Guy (“ghee”) a big wink and smile next time you see him and ask how those deep fried turkeys are doing. Now that’s real American fare worthy of a Thanksgiving feast! Laissez les bon temps roulez. Branding is evolving. Your social media feedback is welcome for requests. This gourmet fare travels well and is ideal for catering.


Set aside all your expectations about nachos – you’ll find a delicious revolving menu featuring everything from gourmet cheeses, carnitas, to dessert nachos and more. Manuel wants to hear from you. Do send feedback about what nacho combos you crave – you just might find it making a more regular menu appearance. They are evolving in their social media savvy each day (disorganized signage, outdated QR codes and various city permits).


Who can resist real, authentic, low and slow BBQ? The website has a detailed and regularly updated calendar to guard against random truck sightings. They want to whet your appetite and your loyalty and offer tailgate and bbq party packs, too.


“Global Soul is food for the soul, it’s comforting and full of flavors inspired from eats found all over the world.” The menu reflects a global vision for comfort food with plenty of options each day.



“ShortRibBBQ started 3 years ago with an idea: bring a unique, delicious, dining experience, on the go. This truck is something to experience.” The communications on Twitter and Facebook are outdated but they understand the need for getting the word out to hungry customers.


Food Truck Fleet Nov 17 @MeSoHungryTruck @unclelausbbq @stackersfoodtrk @earlezgrille @TNBBBQ2

November 20, 2011

Spotted at Ocean Park and 31st in Santa Monica, across from Art Institute of California @Art_Institutes

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Mighty Boba Truck
“Shaken, not stirred. The Mighty Boba Truck serves tasty Taiwanese American main dishes, known as Mighty Heroes, Popcorn Chicken, and sidekicks such as Sweet Butter Toast, Boba Milk Tea, and many more!” Special requests (less sugar/milk, etc) are welcome; if we can do it, we’ll do it. And just like our food selection, we introduce new Flavor of the Month to stimulate different taste buds.”
Good truck location calendar, memorable and colorful cartoon graphics. Who can resist a slice of determined ninja buttered toast?
Social Media superstars: Facebook, Twitter, QR codes, Yelp, blog


“We’re a couple of friends who love eating big. We have a 3 lb challenge burger for the brave come out & hang with us.” We met Robert first at Narbonne HS for DinDinaGoGo. Say “hi” when you get a chance – he’s a hardworking member foodtruck fleet and very responsive to his customers’ requests.
See Facebook, Twitter and the website for location updates.

Earlez Wieners

“Earlez Grille is the best grilled hot dogs in Los Angeles for over 25 years, now serving great food from the Weiner Truck.” Great range of options. Great use of truck and store to meet hungry hot dog eaters’ needs. Worth the trip to Exposition Park.
Online calendar needs updating.

“Bold fusion of international flavors that pack a monster-sized punch. Mixing fresh seasonal ingredients with daring sauces. Make sure and try the Duke.”

“MeSoHungry was created by a master chef and group of hardcore “foodies” to deliver quality gourmet street food to the masses without the gourmet price.”
Great calendar posted on website, good branding.

Uncle Lau’s BBQ

Great engaging content, featuring photos and introduction to featured dishes!
“From the islands of Oahu and Maui, Uncle Lau brings to Southern California a little bit of Hawaii. With over 40 years of creating homemade recipes in our little shack, we bring to you our smoked pulled pork sandwich. Capturing the taste of the shrimp trucks on Oahu, our Shrimp Scampi recipe will have you coming back for more.”
Keep up with truck schedule on Facebook or Twitter


TNBBBQ – what does it stand for?
“The Best Korean Taco Truck” Korea meets Mexico on a plate
Truck location calendar dates to 2010 – attention is needed
Doesn’t exist on Facebook despite the website incorporation of the Facebook icon. There are stools set up in front of the truck to accommodate customers – bonus points for creating atmosphere.

Food Truck Safari, evening @lomoarigato @VCHOSTRUCK @maccheesetruck @SeabirdsTruck @ShortstopBBQ @Slapyomamatruck @MandolineGrill @Takoyakitanota

October 28, 2011

“What do you want for dinner?” I hate this conversation opener.
If I haven’t already planned, shopped, found inspiration, or, let’s say, I had a long day, being the dinner project manager is not something I want to be. Why not try casual dining for a change? Drive-by Dining?

Thanks to food truck events or chuck wagon circles, I don’t have to AND as a bonus, I can meet some great people trying to make a living in a more mobile community like Southern California.

Okay, I don’t want to drive far, I don’t want to limit my choices, where can we go? Narbonne High School?

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“Bringing the best food trucks to the best cities every week.” DinDinAGoGo (DDAGG)
@SouthBayDDaGG is my favorite but they cover lots of areas in So Cal.
Every Thursday night @ #NarbonneHighSchool 24300 Western Ave Harbor City 90710 5:30 – 9:30 any questions call 310-940-0073. You don’t need to bring a chair as there are tables, chairs, and free parking. Dogs may be restricted (we didn’t see any). People of all ages are there, eating, tasting, talking, sharing. Credit cards, cash.

And we saw:

My neighbor totally rawks! “Creator of DinDin-a-GoGo & Proudly Reppin’ the SouthBay and LA with J-style Peruvian yumz since 09. Thanks for the L.O.V.E.!!” She is the best!

Got pupusas? “Vchos is Los Angeles’ first gourmet Pupusa truck, serving up FRESH traditional Central American food with a modern twist. Vchos is slang for young people.” DO NOT miss the empanadas!

“The Macaroni and Cheese Factory food truck is coming soon to a location near you with specialized menu items.” Very popular, sells out fast. Pretty close to the perfect comfort food.

“We’re an Organic Vegan Food Truck from Orange County using local produce and top quality, organic ingredients. Gluten-free & Raw Options!” (Don’t be scared off by healthier food choices! You might surprise yourself with some amazing discoveries.)

**Note: Vegan Halloween Party this Saturday at Verdugo Bar! check it out… (non-vegans are welcome!!)

“Soul Food so good it makes you wanna Slap Yo Mama! Fried Chicken, Greens, Mac N Cheese, Gumbo, Lobster Po’Boy, Frog Legs &more!”

“Let Mambo Juice add some flavor to your day!” Juices, fruit, lemonade, shaved ice. Sweet treats.

@SlapFishTruck featuring Chef Gruel
“A modern seafood shack on wheels. Stop by and stuff some fresh in your face.” Delish! Very impressed with owner Jethro Naude’s cyber savvy – the business cards have a QR code for easy access to their website. Very cool!

B Sweet Catering’s new dessert truck! Serving freshly baked cupcakes, pies, cookies, breads, and other sweets.
plus @105ChuckWagon

“We’re a couple of friends who love eating big. We have a 3lb challenge burger for the brave come out & hang with us.”

“King Kone is a mobile ice parlor providing treats out of a sweet butter yellow truck!! mmmmm”

“Traditional and vegan-friendly Gourmet Vietnamese food truck serving the streets of Los Angeles!”

“Takoyaki Truck in LA/OC. Real osaka style takoyaki is served at my trailer. Puffy and melty inside must make you happy! Enjoy Tanota’s takoyki!!” This specialty open-air mobile grill might not have a high a profile as a truck or a big menu but the fish balls are delicious, with shrimp or octopus.

“We are young people with a passion and appreciation for food done right. It’s our mission to bring you delicious dirty BBQ.”

“Specializing in Baja style fish @ shrimp tacos, deepfried shrimp quesadillas, shrimp taquitos, fish & shrimp ceviche. Come have A Taste Of Baja!”
Facebook: papajuansfishtacos
“Cheesy Chaz and the Cheesecake Cuties are bringing their Cheeseballs to LA…”

Not present but talked about:

“Crisp. Refreshing. California Beach Cuisine. The concept is simple, make great healthy food and have it readily available. ”

Note: @YukonFoodFest
We are bringing you the best in gourmet food trucks Friday, Nov 18 as part of a fundraiser for Yukon Elementary 17815 Yukon Avenue Torrance, CA 90504-3927
will be every 3rd week of the month. Supported by and for Yukon Elementary and Torrance Unified School District.

Food Truck Safari, day @Kingscornerbbq @Suratruck @CrepedeVille @lidiasdkitchen @kiyokosteriyaki

October 28, 2011

Driving to LACMA, I spied parked along Wilshire Boulevard the herd/colony/battery of Miracle Mile Food Trucks waiting for hungry lunch crowds.

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These mobile gourmet chefs bring food to where the mouths are vs. owning a brick and mortar dining establishment or a tiny wagon and bbq grill. Cloudy days pose a problem as office workers are less willing risk the elements and sales go down. Street permits are required and some areas have higher restrictions or prohibit truck parking. These chuck wagons do not circle – they must park and have space along the curb. One determined truck owner arriving late to the scene meticulously fit his truck in a space between a car and another truck that offered almost no allowance for error. Who said Angelinos can’t park?!

You can follow a truck’s whereabouts or plans for the day on Twitter, Facebook, their website (if they have one), or as one happy lady put it, “my neighbor follows this stuff online and she tells me which trucks will be where, so I go!” I’ll be your tin can on a string here and give you links at the end of this article to find out more. Bon Appetit!

King Maaele says, “Hey this has been such a blessed experience sharing our food idea’s with family friends and local food chasers.” His island inspired cuisine is a nice compliment to his warm smile and laugh which all brighten your day.
Try him on Facebook kings corner on wheels or 310/483-8828. The website isn’t live quite yet.

@Suratruck for “Corean Rice Bowls”
“Rice bowls and more!!!”

They can perform some amazing spice magic with tofu or beef, chicken, pork, or yes, spam. Bowl (very generous) or Cup servings are suited to fit all appetites. I loved the tofu with spicy chili sauce!

“Crepe de Ville brings the sidewalks of Paris to the streets of L.A.” Ideal for savory crepes or sweet desert ones. Seeing Nutella ready to spread at this open-air mobile kitchen had me thinking of skipping lunch in favor of a whipped cream topped Parisian delight. Bavardez un peu avec ces chefs du crepes.


“Lidia’s Dominican Kitchen Delicious Home Cooked Dominican Food, just like Abuela used to make. The Best In Los Angeles!” The branding alone whets your appetite! “The cuisine of the Dominican Republic (D.R.) reflects its melting pot roots of Taino, European and African cultures with later additions from … (check out the website by
Facebook: Lidia’s Dominican Kitchen

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“Specializing in simple yet tasty Japanese-American cuisine!”

Facebook: Kiyoko’s Teriyaki

New York Galbi
Korean BBQ Tacos & Burritos

A cute logo and memorable business card are a good start on brand. Facebook page is just short of a stake stuck in the ground and the web is still in the planning stages. Stop by this popular truck and say howdy to John Kim.

“Vietnamese home cooking on the go” “We are a Phamily owned and operated business focused on bringing Vietnamese cuisine to your hood via our food truck such as Pho, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls & more!”
Next on my list to try.

“Serving falafel and love. But mostly falafel. We are here to bring you a wonderfully new, and diverse twist to traditional Falafels!”
Facebook: Yalla Truck
Freshest ingredients and healthy ethnic food make for a really satisfying lunch (or dinner) anytime!

And some links:


“Providing you with the most current and up to date information on locations of gourmet food trucks in and around the South Bay area.”
The site says it best: “You hungry for that food truck grub? Of course you are. Well, is the easiest way to figure out where your favorite trucks are.”

“Following the Twitter Feeds of Los Angeles’ Rolling Food Truck Gourmets!”

A Team of Gourmet Food Trucks that roll together in a group. We just might drop in on your town and serve up the best food found anywhere.

Weekly Gourmet Food Truck Lots in O.C. and L.A. (WhitneyHS, CharterOakHS, CanyonHS, LaHabraHS, LoaraHS, TroyHS, CerritosHS, LaMiradaHS)

@SoBayFoodFest on Oct 15 in Carson, with 30 top Gourmet Food Trucks

October 15, 2011

Join in the Inaugural South Bay Food Fest at the Home Depot Center in Carson on Saturday October 15, 1:00-7:00 p.m.

VIP tickets priced at $40 and include one-hour early admission (12:00 noon), access to the VIP Lounge in the American Express Stadium Club and a South Bay Food Fest commemorative T-Shirt.

The ultimate foodie fan destination, featuring over 30 of the top gourmet food trucks along with the best restaurants in the South Bay including @BorderGrill, @LATruckWagon, @MeSoHungryTruck, @rebelbite, @LudoTruck, @ButtermilkTruck, @BOLLYWOOD_BITES, @WhiteRabbitTruk, and more.
Don’t miss Chef appearances at Side Stage:
2:00 Alejandra Schrader (cooking demo), from Master Chef Season 2
5:00 Michael Shafer (cooking demo), owner and executive Chef at The Depot and Buffalo Fire Department

General admission $12. Daily Breeze subscribers receive discount ($2 online coupon)?

$8 w/ Student ID. $5 w/ Military ID (4 tix max).

RT from @SoBayFoodFest: “Bring an unwrapped toy worth $5 & get a $8 voucher. Kids under 6 free.” The South Bay Food Fest is proud to partner with the Boys & Girls Club of Carson. A portion of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the organization. Sponsors include: @LBGazetteNews

Free Parking (no reply to request) 18400 Avalon Blvd., Carson, CA 90746